Lead Contamination of Drinking Water

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Posted on March 08, 2017

VIQUA is proud to announce that our integrated filtration/UV systems (IHS systems) now feature lead removal providing even safer water. 

The widely-publicized crisis in Flint, Michigan, highlighted an issue that is, unfortunately, not new - the contamination ofLead Violations USA Today.jpg drinking water supplies by dissolved lead. This map identifies affected areas in the USA and even with a quick glance, it is apparent this is a wide-spread issue. The good news, however, is that VIQUA’s IHS system with lead removal can protect your home’s water supply. 

Lead is well known to be a toxin that does not necessarily produce any short terms symptoms of illness. However, the long term health effects of lead ingestion can be very severe, particularly in children. Unfortunately, low levels of lead in drinking water are undetectable by taste, odour, or appearance, making it an unseen hazard.

In many ways, the issue of lead in water has opened our eyes. It’s now quite apparent that there can be hidden contaminants in our drinking water, and many of them can be harmful.

Water contaminants can include:

  • Lead
  • Bacteria, Cysts, Viruses
  • Disinfection-by-products
  • And more!

The VIQUA IHS is a simple solution to protect your drinking water from many of these contaminants.  If you have concerns about other possible water contaminants, download the Lead e-Guide for addressing lead (and more) in your drinking water. And check out our range of lead-removal products.

Download the Lead e-Guide