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Posted on September 28, 2015

shutterstock_329935961.jpgFor more than 35 years, VIQUA has been manufacturing high-quality UV systems for homes and businesses. In fact, VIQUA is the world’s leading supplier of residential UV water disinfection systems.  We take pride in our reputation and our quality, especially knowing that our UV systems are keeping families safe from waterborne contaminants the world over. And we would like to keep it that way by ensuring VIQUA UV systems are always operated with VIQUA lamps.

VIQUA UV systems are engineered, tested, and certified as a complete unit – including the lamp. VIQUA lamps are manufactured with high-quality components to exacting specifications to ensure performance and safety. There are many aspects of a VIQUA lamp that make it ideally suited for your VIQUA UV system.  Here are just a few important features:UVMAX Lamp

 Correct gas pressure and composition

  • Pin size and alignment
  • Filament position
  • Correct arc length
  • UV maintenance coating

All of these (and more) are critical to ensuring that there is sufficient UV light produced to fully disinfect your water for the life of the lamp, which is about 9000 hours or one year of use. Remember, the lamp is the heart of your UV system.  If the lamp is compromised, disinfection is compromised.

Lamp RisksWhen it comes time to replace the lamp, you will have options.  As in many industries, in the water treatment industry there are manufacturers of after-market parts. Often, but not always, these parts are produced overseas and may or may not be quite a lot cheaper (depending on whether all the savings are passed along to the consumer). But they may also be cheaper in quality. There is no guarantee that other after-market parts are made to VIQUA’s specifications and standards, which means these other lamps can fail faster, cause failure in related parts, or expose you and your family to risk in other ways.

When choosing your replacement lamp, be informed. Sure, it may look like the right lamp. It may even seem to fit well in your VIQUA system. But if it’s not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system, you can be exposing yourself to risk.

So how do you know?  Look for and ask for the VIQUA brand. We are proud to put the VIQUA brand name on all of our lamps as your guarantee of total UV system performance and safety. If it’s not branded by VIQUA, it’s not a VIQUA lamp. Check for these brand logos – not part numbers – when choosing a lamp.

3 lamp brands

Want to be sure?  Register your VIQUA UV system and get a reminder with all the specifics when it's time to change your UV lamp.


Using anything other than a VIQUA lamp is not worth the risk!