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Understanding Water Test Results

May 09, 2017
Different labs may present the results of a water test a little differently, but one of the key results to look for is total coliform count.
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5 W's of Water Testing

May 04, 2017

Scientists have long understood the link between unseen contaminants in water and illnesses. And so back in the 1900s, filtration and disinfection became mainstays for municipal water treatment, and regulations for the quality of public drinking water systems were established.  

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Don’t be fooled by clean-looking water!

April 01, 2017

Did you know that you can’t see, smell, or taste microbiological contaminants in your drinking water? Just because water looks clean, doesn’t mean it is. There could be all sorts of nasty bugs hiding in water that can make you sick, and the only way to know for sure is to have your water tested....

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Why Treat Your Water?

March 23, 2017

Aging Infrastructure: Drinking water travels long distances to individual taps and homes. There are more than a billion miles of underground pipes in the USA, many of which are reaching the end of their useful lifespan. Already the majority of cases of waterborne disease associated with drinking...

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Wastewater not such a waste

March 22, 2017

Every year, March 22 marks World Water Day. Founded by the United Nations in 1993, World Water Day is intended to build awareness of the global water crisis. The theme of this year’s World Water Day is wastewater with the intent of highlighting how it can not only be reduced but also reused. 

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Well Water Contamination in New England

March 09, 2017

Having a private well can be wonderful, but it means you have sole responsibility for your water quality. This can be as simple as regularly testing your water (at least once a year for some contaminants, like nitrates and bacteria) to ensure its safety. However, it’s not at all uncommon for...

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Lead Contamination of Drinking Water

March 08, 2017

VIQUA is proud to announce that our integrated filtration/UV systems (IHS systems) now feature lead removal providing even safer water. 

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UV Lamps and System Warranty

February 13, 2017

Online shopping has practically become the norm. It’s usually easy, convenient and, quite frequently, cheaper. It's easy to understand why it would be tempting. However, when shopping online for UV lamps, there are some things you need to watch out for.

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Safe Drinking Water on World Cancer Day and Every Day

February 02, 2017

Why is drinking water quality important to people living with cancer?

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What does Groundhog Day mean for water quality?

February 02, 2017

For 2017, there was no consensus on Groundhog Day, as to whether or not there will be an early spring. In Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil, probably the world’s most famous prognosticating rodent saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of winter for the US. Ontario’s Wiarton Willie and Nova...

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