Reconsidering Bottled Water

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Posted on October 18, 2016

All the quality and taste of bottled water — without the cost

Many consumers reach for bottled because they believe that it’s a healthier and/or tastier alternative to the water from their tap. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll discover that that may not actually be the case.

With the right home treatment system, your tap water can be just as safe and taste just as good, at a fraction of the price. And when it comes to the environmental costs, the choice is clear: home treatment wins hands down.

Create clean, better tasting tap water

Why bother with bottled when you can get the same quality — or better — right from your tap?shutterstock_106663157.jpg

An ultraviolet system will inactivate harmful microorganisms in your water, even dangerous, hard-to-eradicate organisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. It’s the same technology that many bottled water companies use to sterilize their product. 

By combining ultraviolet (UV) disinfection with a carbon filter pretreatment system, you can get rid of unpleasant tastes and odours, including the chlorine smell and taste you find in municipal tap water. Carbon pretreatment can also remove pesticides, pharmaceuticals and a slew of other organic contaminants.

And because this kind of system treats all the water entering your house, you’ll get the same high-quality water at every tap — and even your shower!

Save money and hassle

One of the biggest benefits of a home treatment system is the amount of money you’ll save. Let’s look at the numbers.

According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, bottled water costs an average of US$1.21/gallon in 2013 — and that’s wholesale pricing. If you’re buying a 24-pack of single-serve bottles, you’re going to pay even more.

The average American uses two gallons of water a day for drinking and cooking. If you’ve got four people in your household, that’s eight gallons a day, 365 days a year. Multiply that by $1.21 a gallon and you’re looking at more than $3,500 a year.

At those prices, a home treatment system will pay for itself long before the year is up — and keep saving you money for years to come.

It costs very little to run a UV/carbon filter system, like one of the VIQUA IHS systems, which incorporates UV disinfection with pre-treatment filtration. The electricity required is about the same amount it takes to run a 40-Watt light bulb, while replacing most UV lamps (done once a year) and carbon filters will set you back around $3 per week.

You’ll also save on hassle. Forget about hoisting big bottles of water into your dispenser or schlepping 24-packs from the grocery store. You don’t need to worry about cleaning and sanitizing your water cooler either. And the maintenance is simple. All you’ll need to do is replace the carbon filter a few times a year, plus change the UV bulb annually and clean the quartz sleeve around it.

Avoid the water bottle eco-disaster

shutterstock_115060456_web.jpg Each year, Americans buy roughly 29 billion bottles of water. Think of all the  energy and  resources that go into making those plastic bottles — and all  the fuel that gets burned  delivering them to your door.

  Altogether, the Pacific Institute estimates that America’s bottled water  habit consumes  up to  53 million barrels of oil annually. That’s enough to  fuel more than three million  cars for an  entire year.

  The environmental damage doesn’t end there. According to the Container  Recycling  Institute,  nearly two out of every three beverage containers end  up in landfills or  incinerators, rather than being recycled.

 Say goodbye to the costs and hassles of bottled water and  hello to high-  quality water right from your tap!