The Pampered Pet's Water Dish

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Posted on February 18, 2016

Pet companionship is on the rise, both in the US and globally. Young couples are starting families later, and aging Boomers are shirking the “empty nest” label by bringing fur-kids into their lives. As cats, dogs, and other critters are increasingly being regarded as members of the family, consumer spending on pet products and pet care is exploding. But in lavishing all this love on our furry friends, we’re often over-looking one important aspect of their well-being - what’s in their water dish.

shutterstock_35806141It’s not uncommon for pet owners to buy holiday gifts, specialty shampoos, or premium foods for their pets. This includes foods formulated to support the animal’s health through different stages of life –kitten to senior cat, specialized by dog breed, size, or activity level. Recognize yourself in any of this? And all the while, sitting there on the floor beside the food dish is the water dish.

Just as it does for us, water plays a vital role in maintaining health in animals. Simply put, hydrated pets are healthier pets. Animals prefer fresh, good-tasting water every bit as much as you do. Changing the water frequently is important, but so too is the quality of the water in the dish. This, of course, has given rise to the pet fountain, making it easier to keep “fresh” water in the dish. These fountains recirculate and, in some cases, even filter the pet’s water. Most of these devices remove unwanted tastes (like chlorine) and some larger particles (pet hair), and improve the overall appeal through movement. They often rely on a simple carbon filter, which is the same type used in the popular pour-through kitchen filters or a refrigerator filter. The reasons people choose these for themselves is as much about protection in case of a boil water advisory or possible bacterial contamination as it is about improving the appearance, taste, and odour of drinking water… except they don’t do all that. They do not remove bacteria from water and can even harbor bacteria if not changed regularly.

Having water that is free from harmful bacteria is as important to your animal’s health as it is to your own. So don’t simply rely on a carbon filter for the safety of either of you. Installing a home water treatment system can ensure both you and your pets have safe water that also tastes good. An  integrated system can filter particulates, remove unwanted tastes, AND eliminate the threat of harmful microbes for you and your fur friends.

Pets already add so much to our lives and help us stay healthier, both physically and emotionally. Beyond companionship, pets reduce stress levels and have a positive impact on blood pressure and cholesterol levels (CDC).  Caring for your pet’s well-being with a complete water treatment system can further protect your pet’s health  - as well as your own.