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The Need to Change the UV Lamp

September 23, 2015
Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment systems can seem a bit of a mystery, but are, in fact, really quite easy to understand.  A UV system works by passing UV light, light of a special wavelength (UV-C), through the water, and those rays are absorbed by any microorganisms present in the water.  As a...
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UV Disinfection as Part of a Multi-Barrier Approach

April 10, 2014

Safe drinking water is a privilege in North America.  Though essential to good health, it is often taken for granted.  It is delivered to our homes or offices for our enjoyment with little thought given to where it originated or how it got there.  We expect water to come forth as required.  We...

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Why Use UV Disinfection?

December 10, 2013

UV technology can be more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of the water. This makes it a practical process for treating water that is used for drinking and food preparation.

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