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Getting the Most Out of a UV Water Treatment System

December 24, 2015

An ultraviolet water treatment system provides a chemical-free, low-maintenance option for disinfection of private water sources, including dug or drilled wells, surface water like lakes, and for harvested rainwater. While each of those sources presents unique water quality challenges which can...

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The Need to Change the UV Lamp

September 23, 2015
Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment systems can seem a bit of a mystery, but are, in fact, really quite easy to understand.  A UV system works by passing UV light, light of a special wavelength (UV-C), through the water, and those rays are absorbed by any microorganisms present in the water.  As a...
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Introducing Our New Brand

February 04, 2015

Business doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change. And this year, VIQUA's changing.

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VIQUA has an Eggcellent Time with Barack Obama & Danica Patrick at The White House

December 10, 2013
VIQUA helps provide UV filtered water to up to 35,000 participants at The White House’s Annual Easter Egg Roll on the lawn again this year.
Bo, the dog of the Obama family sniffs around VIQUA and Event Water Solutions UV water filling station - he is afterall a Portuguese Water Dog.
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What are the Issues with Water in Canada?

December 10, 2013



Health Canada Estimates that unsafe drinking water causes 90,000 illnesses, and 90 deaths every year.  That is the equivalent of 13 Walkerton tragedies.  Many of these illnesses occur in municipal areas with large water treatment facilities.

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Flooding in Alberta Resources 2013

December 10, 2013


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34 Legionnaires Cases in Ontario in Just Five Weeks

December 10, 2013

Higher Than Usual Numbers of Legionella in 2013

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