VIQUA Adds New Approach to Product Registration

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Posted on June 21, 2017

How often do you buy something, like a new electronic device or appliance, and ignore the registration card inside? If you’re like most people, it’s probably more often than not. It’s a hassle, you forget, there’s no benefit that makes it worth the effort – those are just some of the most common excuses. And they’re good ones, to be honest, because you don’t usually get anything in return for registering.

Well, that’s different with VIQUA. When you register your VIQUA UV system, we try to make things like yearly lamp changes easier for you. Every year, when it’s time to replace your UV lamp, we’ll send you a reminder email or letter with the name and contact information of the dealer you bought the system from, and the part number you need for your specific system. But in order to benefit from this Lamp Reminder Program, you have to register your system. And don’t worry, we won’t send you anything else if you don’t want us to.

Registering your VIQUA UV system is easy. There are even three ways to get it done. 

  • You can go online to;
  • You can complete the product registration card included in the packaging and mail it to us; orphotoreglabel.png
  • You can use the newest and easiest method – Photoregister
Photoregister allows you to use your smartphone to take a picture of the label (found either on your system or the manual) and then you can either upload it, text it, or submit it via Facebook messenger. You’ll receive a link back where you need to complete just a few bits of information, and that’s it – you’re all registered!