VIQUA Innovation Year in Review

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Posted on December 13, 2016

At VIQUA, our in-house research & product development team strives to be especially responsive to our markets. Our culture of continuous improvement drives innovation and product optimization, and this year has been a busy one! Here are some highlights from 2016.

  1. There’s no question that consumers today expect information at their fingertips. So it made absolute sense to transitionD4-NEWMAX.jpg
     to the LCD display to deliver real-time status information about system performance. Details such as remaining lamp life and UV intensity, for models equipped with a sensor, are clearly displayed on the generous 2.8” screen. And, perhaps more importantly, any warnings are communicated in text and symbols making it readily apparent why the system is alarming should it do so.

Product features include:

  • Dealer-programmable support screen for immediate access to dealer/installer contact information
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menu
  • Multi-language support: English, French, and Spanish
  • Soft-touch keys
  • Onboard replacement parts menu


  1. Product safety is always a focus at VIQUA, and this year we introduced a new industry-leading connector on our “Powerclippy transition-482532-edited.jpged by UV Max” systems. This new robust mechanical lock ensures full engagement of the connector to the lamp, making it impossible for the lamp to light up when it’s not securely locked in the chamber. It’s a fully-integrated connector design so no parts become loose or lost. Plus, it requires fewer assembly steps at the initial installation or during annual lamp replacements.


  1. Small public drinking water systems are held to the same tough standards as the big guys, but often face both space andAdenovirus_with_comm_ctre.jpg budget constraints, so achieving the requisite 4-log viral reduction can be a real challenge. Enter the VIQUA PRO24-186 UV system, which uses ultra-high output lamp technology and places two disinfection chambers in series. This provides the entire dose needed for 4-log adenovirus credit in a compact installation!

Product features include:

  • Fully validated to the UVDGM protocol for 4-log adenovirus reduction.
  • Features ultra-high output amalgam lamp technology.
  • Incorporates LightWise™ lamp dimming technology.
  • Real-time monitoring and data recording.
  • Multiple validated flow rates (10-24 US gpm).


  1. With the introduction of the SHF-290 and SHFM-290, commercial facilities with flow rates up to 290 gpm can get the proven and trusted technology offered by the VIQUA family of products. 

SHF-290-5Controller.jpgSome of the features of these new, higher flow rate UV systems are:

  • Equipped to inactivate harmful microorganisms in water flows up to 290 gpm.
  • Specially designed and tested Sterilume-HO lamps provide consistent and reliable UV output over the entire life of the lamp (9000 hours) to ensure continuous disinfection.
  • Superior quality 316L stainless steel chamber.
  • Separate control panel with power isolation.
  • Visual display of lamp life remaining and audible/visual lamp change reminder.