Welcome Frank Profiti – VIQUA’s New General Manager

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Posted on December 09, 2013

Frank Profiti, VIQUA’s new General Manager, is not afraid to get his hands dirty— literally.


VIQUA's General Manager, Frank Profiti VIQUA's General Manager, Frank Profiti

 This grounded, unassuming, straightforward man with an astute mind, has values and experience deep-rooted in the consumer water industry. Yet he is also quick and creative, and is passionate about both work and play.  By day, he’s a strong leader and proven strategist. In his off-time, he enjoys creating hand-made, traditionally-styled wood furniture out of 120-year-old barn board he sourced locally... He takes this antique wood and meticulously shapes, sands, and finishes to ensure every detail is how it should be, while taking the liberty to create something, oxymoronically, traditionally new.  Profiti’s self-taught attention to detail, his conflicting passion for things both traditional and modern, is deeply ingrained and will help guide VIQUA through reliable growth in a marketplace that is both stable and constantly evolving.

Frank learned early on how to navigate the competitive landscape, being the fourth of five children and having to prove and defend himself with his three older brothers.  Those skills have served him well throughout his 26 years’ experience with plumbing, faucet, sink, and water heating companies, as Frank’s business forte has been successfully competing in  difficult markets, challenging the market leaders by coming up with a premium brand strategy and targeting relevant business opportunities  not relying solely on price.  Focus on value-add and getting ahead of the Specification sell process was key. In earlier years, when it came time to make tough decisions about his education and future, Frank was considering two very different paths and equally as different schools: The Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) for design and The University of Toronto for business.  He followed his passion for business, and graduated from U of T with a Economics/business degree., One of his role models  is Warren Buffet, because, Profiti says, “Buffet is a visionary and admires that he won’t invest in something he doesn’t understand – a simple philosophy to business."

The ardent Toronto Maple Leaf’s fan joined VIQUA for its corporate culture, its people, and the industry expertise he can bring to the company. His mandate is to profitably grow the business while being more responsive to customer needs in the global marketplace – new and existing.  He’s grounded, not splashy; he lives in the present and has strong core values. Profiti’s favorite quote, one from Jason Jennings, sums him up best: “It's not the big that eat the small... It's the fast that eat the slow”.

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