When a split-second decision is required, trust a market leader.

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Posted on February 24, 2016

Making decisions about the safety and protection of your home or family is not to be taken lightly.  Nowadays, most people will turn to the internet to research options, talk to family members, and likely seek out subject matter experts. But, what if it needs to be a split-second decision? How do you choose then?

woman drinking water on porchGeneral Water Quality Concerns

If you have any concerns about your water quality at any time, here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Understand which specific contaminants are in your water. The best way of knowing is to get your water tested by a certified laboratory.
  • Talk to a water treatment professional about your treatment options.
  • Seek out market leading manufacturers to be certain you are getting the quality, service, and support to give you peace of mind.
  • Find a local dealer in your area to install your UV system

Water contamination issues have dominated news stories in recent weeks, beginning with lead contamination in Flint, MI, and other cities with older, dated infrastructure, and now with PFOA groundwater contamination in Hoosick Falls. In both circumstances, the water treatment solution has been specialized carbon filtration. This doesn’t mean, however, that anyone with concerns about the safety of their water should necessarily turn to a carbon filter. It’s critical with water quality issues to match the treatment with the contaminants. Specialized carbon filters work for lead and for PFOA, but do not address microorganisms. This is why the standard system specified by the New York Department of Health for private wells in Hoosick Falls also includes ultraviolet disinfection.

Hoosick Falls

The residents of Hoosick Falls, NY, are faced with a difficult decision after it has been established that many of their drinking water wells could be contaminated with the industrial chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). One of the options available to residents of Hoosick Falls is a state-funded installation of appropriate point-of-entry water treatment equipment (POE-T). The primary requirement is for back-washable carbon filtration, certified by NSF, which will address the PFOA. After that, the system standard may include a sediment filter and/or an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. Most homeowners are unlikely to be familiar with any of these technologies and may well be relying on the expertise of the contractor. One way, though, to ensure additional peace of mind is to insist on equipment from a market leader. For ultraviolet water treatment, the clear choice is VIQUA. VIQUA, a North American company, has been manufacturing UV water disinfection systems for more than 35 years, and has more UV systems in homes than any other manufacturer.

It is not uncommon for groundwater sources, that is, private wells to be contaminated with microbes. In fact, a USGS study found that one in three wells tested positive for coliform bacteria. These are indicator organisms whose presence in your well water strongly suggests that other much more harmful bacteria – pathogens- could also infiltrate your drinking water. In this case, the appropriate water treatment would be disinfection. Ultraviolet (UV) systems provide that protection through a physical process so no chemicals are added to the water and there is no change to the water’s taste or odour.  The maintenance is easy to perform with the main item being the annual lamp change.  For this it is important to get a lamp that is made for the specific UV system.

Thankfully, specialized carbon filtration is readily available and can effectively remove a variety of contaminants including PFOA and lead. However, if your concerns about your drinking water also include bacteria, viruses, or protozoa, then trust VIQUA UV systems.